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Edizione per Ricercatori

English Edition for Researchers


  • 21 modules

  • 20 hours of content

  • 14 speakers

  • Self-assessment questionnaires

  • Exercises and technical sheets

  • Additional contents – ebook

  • 101 participants


  • Online – WeSchool


  • Submission deadline 30/11/2021

  • Availability within 21/03/2022

Scientific office

  • Spartaco Santi

  • Paolo Manzi

About the course

The online course “Vedere per Credere” (Seeing to Believe), is a Golinelli Foundation and G-LAB project. The main objectives of the course are:

  • Provide the tools for understanding microscopy, from the study of the laws governing optics, to the most advanced technologies.
  • Acquire skills related to the use of some microscopy techniques and the use of related IT tools.
  • Provide tools to design didactic activities on the subject of microscopy, which can integrate in-person laboratory processes.

Within each module, a video presentation, in-depth documents and self-assessment questionnaires, as well as tutorials and practical exercises will be available. The scientific inputs provided are the result of a combined work of the technical support of Nikon Italia S.p.A., expert operators, lecturers in the field of microscopy and the most important Research Institutions and Universities throughout Italy.

Who it’s for

The course is aimed at researchers, laboratory technicians, health personnel, university and phD students interested in understanding past and current microscopy techniques, from studies of the laws governing optics to the most advanced technologies.

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